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Jay Z is accused by Family Civil Liberties Union of neglecting his alleged love child

Jay Z is allegedly receiving heat from a group called the Family Civil Liberties Union for his treatment of his alleged love child during his ongoing paternity battle. The non-profit, whose goal is to "unify families through the use of fair and standard equal practices in our family court system", accused Jay Z of neglecting his alleged son, 23-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, during the tense paternity battle.
 Family Civil Liberties Union released a statement to RadarOnline, slamming the rapper and his superstar wife, Beyonce. FCLU spokesperson Dr. Sharon McClain said in the statement: "It very good to hear that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s twins made it home safely and that the new parents are able to spend the entire summer recuperating with their new family. "However, there is still a person suffering emotionally by their actions of non-cooperation which affects other families at large.

Just imagine, a young boy like Jay-Z growing without his father, and the effects it can have on the community and one’s self-image. We at FCLU are baffled by how the two of them can carry out their lives while neglecting his alleged son." McClain added: "They are supposed to be role models in our community. FCLU prides itself in empowering families to be a strong unit and our community.

So, we won’t tolerate actions that undermine one’s legal rights to the truth. We will continue to help Rymir and young men like him who may have had unjust and unwarranted actions towards them by our legal system and we will not stop until justice is served." After years of legal battles, Rymir, whose mother, Wanda Satterthwaite, had a love affair with Jay-Z before he became famous, was finally granted a trial date. "It is expected that the case will be ready for trial (on Dec. 3, 2018) and counsel should anticipate trial to begin expeditiously thereafter," the case management order states.


Reports reaching cozmedia nig. is that the Super Eagles  are in high spirit to make sport enthusiasts and football loving fans happy, many forecasters predicts a three goal lead against Cameroon.   

Arsene Wenger becomes the most successful manager in the history of the FA Cup as Arsenal defeats Chelsea

Arsenal won the FA Cup for a record 13th time in a thrilling final by defeating 10-man Chelsea Saturday evening. The result means Arsene Wenger is now the most successful manager in the competition's history with seven victories.
The Gunners took the lead in the fifth minute through Alexis Sanchez, but the linesman had his flag up for Aaron Ramsey, who was stood in an offside position.

Ramsey did not touch the ball, allowing Sanchez to run through and slot in. And as expected, Arsenal fans are already on social media tweeting with the hashtag #WengerIn

Gunmen open fire in Quebec mosque, kill five

Not fewer than five people were killed on
Sunday, January 29 when some gunmen
stormed a Quebec city mosque during
evening prayers and opened fire on Muslim
Reuters reports that the mosque’s
president told reporters on Sunday that the
attack shook residents of the Canadian
It also quoted a witness as saying the
gunmen, who were three in number,
opened gunfire on about 40 people
inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural


Mohammed Bello Abubakar Masaba Bida Is Dead : Islamic Cleric Who Married 97 Wives Dies

January 29, 2017 – Mohammed Bello Abubakar
Masaba Bida Is Dead: Islamic Cleric Married To
97 Wives Passes On, Burial Holds In Bida Niger
State Today
Highly controversial Islamic cleric who stirred up
controversy last year for marrying 97 wives has
passed on.
Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar popularly called
Masaba Bida reportedly died at the age of 93 in
his house in Bida Niger State yesterday after a
brief illness.
His assistant said he lost his battle to the
undisclosed age related illness around 2:30pm
Salawudeen Bello added that his late master will
be buried in Bida today Sunday the 29th of
January 2017 at 10am.
Here is what Bello told NAN yesterday on how
Masaba had premonition of his death.
May his soul rest in peace (amen).

Woman Abandons Husband In Jail, Dumps Baby In Orphanage, Moves In With 4 th Husband

What could have led a 28-year-old lady to abandon
her husband’s home, dumped her two-year-old
daughter in an orphanage only to move in with her
fourth husband?
This and more are the questions the police in Abuja
are working on to find answers to, after a 34-year-
old jail returnee, Paul Jubril reported that his wife,
Blessing Ochonogor killed their daughter Ifeoma and
fled to live with another man.
Saturday Sun gathered that the live-in-lovers were
living on Jaja Street, Kubwa area of Abuja, with
their two kids before Paul went to jail for an
unknown offence.
Upon return from Suleja prison about two weeks
ago, Paul, from Etsako LGA, Edo State,
discovered that Blessing who hails from Benue
state had fled their apartment with their two kids.
Speaking to Saturday Sun at the police station,
Paul said, “I went to Suleja prison. When I came
back in January 2017, I couldn’t find my wife and
two kids. It was later I heard that my daughter
Ifeoma was at an orphanage home at Arab Road,
Kubwa Abuja.”
While trying to consider what could have led
Blessing to do what she did, Paul said, “I
remember we had a misunderstanding in 2015 but
I didn’t know she would pack out of the house
with our two children, Peter Smith who is seven
years old and Ifeoma who is two years and three
Police findings show that after leaving her
husband’s home, Blessing who had had two kids
for two men before moving in with Paul, took her
baby to an orphanage home where she lied to
them that the baby’s parents had died. After
dropping the baby at the orphanage, she was said
to have moved in with another of her suitors as
her fourth husband.
It was not long before the baby began to grow
lean and sick. Efforts by the orphanage to treat
the baby led to the discovery that she had been
infected with HIV. This prompted officials to
search for ‘the good Samaritan’ who brought the
baby. When the baby was eventually returned to
her, it was almost too late as she died soon
“I have to report the case at Kubwa phase 4
police station Abuja. I didn’t believe that my child
could die of HIV. When I was going to prison in
December 2016, my child was in good health. I
don’t know why my child will die of HIV. I don’t
have HIV, likewise, my seven years old son, Peter
Smith. I want to know the cause of death of my
“My child is now at the mortuary at Kubwa
General Hospital. Before I bury my child, I am still
insisting to know what killed her. It is my
girlfriend who is responsible for the death of my
child”, the angry father lamented.
In her own account, Blessing Ochonogor told
Saturday Sun that she was not legally married to
Paul, adding, “myself and Paul Jubril merely had
boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.” According to
her, “Suddenly, I discovered I have got two
children for him.” While justifying why she had to
move out of Paul’s home, she said, “Whenever I
have a quarrel with my boyfriend, he used to beat
me to a state of coma. When I couldn’t bear it
anymore, I have to pack out from the house to
sleep in an uncompleted building for three days.”
“When I could not bear it, I took my child Ifeoma
to the orphanage home at Arab Road, Kubwa
Abuja. I deceived them that the parents of the
child are dead. It’s true, I didn’t go there to check
my child, and I went only once. Later, I went to
marry another man.
“Suddenly, the orphanage home called me that the
child I brought to them was ill. I refused to go
there initially but later I went and took the child
to Gwarimpa General Hospital and they diagnosed
her of HIV and we were referred to the National
Hospital but in the process the baby died on
December 2016”, she added.
Pleading innocence on the death of the baby, the
Benue State-born mother of four added that, “I
never killed my child. It was frustration that
prompted me to take the child to orphanage
home. My Father and Mother are not living
together. There is nobody I can handover my
child to when I was in predicament. Since I am no
longer with my boyfriend, he has threatened to kill
me. Since the death of my child, my boyfriend has
been accusing me of killing our child with HIV.”
“It is not possible to kill my own daughter. When
life is so difficult for me, I have to marry another
man. My boyfriend didn’t give us rest of mind
since he came back from prison. My boyfriend
has frustrated my life and I am not going back to
his house again”, she stated.
When contacted, the FCT Police Commissioner,
Mr. Mohammed Mustapha told Saturday Sun that
his Command would encourage the duo of Paul
and Blessing to settle their differences and burry
the baby abandoned in the morgue.

Majek Fashek : Women & Weed Destroyed My Career, Wizkid & Davido Should Accept Jesus Christ Now

January 29, 2017 – Majek Fashek: Women &
Weed Brought Me Down, Wizkid & Davido Should
Accept Jesus Christ Now
Majek Fashek: I Read Seven Books Of Moses To
Get More Knowledge
The Occult Books I Was Reading Back Then
Affected My Brain
I Started Smoking In Secondary School
I Stopped Smoking After My Mother Tortured Me
I Got Inspiration For Send Down The Rain From
Excerpt from The Sun MD, Eric Osagie’s recent
chat with Reggae music legend Majek Fashek.
Is Majek Fashek Fully Back Now
Yes I am fully back home with my music manager,
Omenka Uzoma Day. We are planning a national
tour. The reason why I came back was that my
children are now grown. I am lucky they don’t ask
me for money anymore and I have a loving wife. I
was in the States because I wanted my children to
grow with me and now they are grown, they don’t
need me like they used to. We came back to Nigeria
because of the recession.
We came to give back the love that Nigerians gave
to me; we were supposed to go back to the US but
we came here because of the recession. Like Bob
Marley said, ‘if you know your history you will know
who you are so you don’t have to ask me who the
heck I am because I am a Buffalo Soldier.’ After
Fela left nobody can speak for Fela except Majek
Fashek. He was my master and my hero. I grew up
in the shrine and Fela gave me a break. Fela told
me in America that I must come home. But for Fela
they could have killed me in America.
Did you read The Seven Books of Moses?
Yes I read some books. I was seeking for more
You came onto the scene as a musical prophet.
The Jastix band disintegrated and you became
the super star. Then you were the best thing next
to Bob Marley and then your career took a deep.
What happened?
What happened was that before you heard the
name Majek Fashek the Rain Maker, I did not like
women or sex. I used to fast a lot. The Rain
Maker was given to me by Wale Olomu. I did
seven days fast or three days because my mother
took me to Aladura church where I learnt to fast.
That was where I started music. When you are
fasting you must abstain from sex.
You can’t have sex and fast. It is against the
law. No alcohol, no sex and no smoke. You must
be clean for seven days so I did that a lot when I
was with Jastix. At that time I was also working
with Tabansi Records. I was producing music
with Lemmy Jackson. I can play seven
instruments. Any way before I achieved fame I
passed through a process and God gave me Send
Down The Rain from heaven.
So you fasted and became big then, what
happened, did you stop fasting, did fame get to
you head and you began to mess around with
I was messing around with girls and booze but
what happened was that I delved into mystical
Who gave you the books?
They are normal books that you can buy from a
bookstore. Those books helped me in a way because
when you read those books you must be clean. It is
like fasting; you know what I am saying. So when I
read and practised what was in the books it worked
for me. There are laws that guide those things. I
studied the book very well and was keeping the
rules. That was how I was able to fly to America
and tour with Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy started reggae
music before Bob Marley. Jimmy Cliff prayed for
me. Maybe that is why I am still alive. As a matter
of fact, during that time I was reading the bible. Do
you know that the bible is the cleanest book in the
world? Right now I have thrown all those books away
and I am only using the bible. The mystic books are
not good. I played with Tracy Chapman, a big
American artiste and it was because I was following
the rules of the books and the bible. When I read
those books it affected my brain. I was lucky that
God saved me
Why did you deviate?
You know I am not Jesus Christ but a Jesus
Christ follower. It is only Jesus Christ who after
40 days and 40 nights of fasting was tempted by
the devil and Jesus said ‘get behind me Satan’
because he had the power to do it. I am not
Jesus Christ, everybody has weakness.
So you fell into the temptation?
Yes but I never used drugs and I suffered for it
for many years.
But they said that it was drink, that we should
forget whatever you are saying…
They just want to kill my shine.
Why did you think you needed to read those
mystical books?
It is part of the game of stardom in America. All
those guys in America are weird. I derailed.
Successful musicians are not normal human
beings. Michael Jackson was not normal. If
you are a normal human being you cannot be a
super star. Music is holy. You cannot abuse
holiness. Music can heal and revive your memory
and make you happy. I did what I should do as a
superstar and what I shouldn’t have done. I went
into rehab but I am back. It is not marijuana
that took me there-o. I started smoking when I
was in secondary school and I did not go mad.
My mum used to beat me. We smoked Obiaroko
igbo, it was the strongest. My brother weed no
make me craze.
Is that what they gave Wyclef when he came to
(Laughter) He almost died here.
And Shabba Ranks too?
(Laughter) As a matter of fact, why I respect
marijuana is that Bob Marley said we should
smoke, Fela said we should smoke. It
is igbo that showed me the way into the
musical life. Because when you smoked back
then when we were young it was a great
experience. We don’t have that kind of igbo again,
not even at the shrine. That one had oil in it
(laughter). When you smoke it you will be hearing
sounds from afar. That was the kind of Igbo Bob
Marley and Fela smoked. Those days when I
smoked, the moment I got back home my mother
will know because all my eyes will be swollen and
red and she will beat me shouting, ‘you have gone
to smoke again.’ She would torture me. That
was how I stopped smoking Igbo. Then I was in
secondary school.
How did you get inspiration for your greatest hit,
Send Down The Rain?
It came from fasting and prayers. I fasted and
prayed for seven days before I got the inspiration.
Inspiration comes from above, from angelic
beings. Angelic beings give me the sound and
I  recorded the progression and as I struck the
chord the vocal power came naturally. All my
songs come from angelic beings. Bob Marley
played prophetic songs.
Talking about the inspiration that gave you Send
Down The Rain, are you sure such inspiration will
come again?
Yes, when a musician does not have inspiration
again is when he becomes a wicked person, a
sinner. So you have to be holy. And that means
you don’t have enemies. When I was younger I
did not have enemies.
In 2009 I met you in a restaurant in Queens, New
York. You sought assistance and I wanted to
reach out but the guys around me said no, that
you were going to buy drugs with it but now I
am hearing a different narrative…
They were just blackmailing me because ‘I am the
one.’ I am saying it before the media. I am the
one that has the last message of the Christ
because he is coming back. It is in the bible.
Pentecostals don’t have it, no church has it; I
have it.
Are you telling us that you never messed with
drugs at all?
No, never. If I messed with drugs I wouldn’t be
here. I told you I smoked Igbo when I was young.
If I messed with drugs I won’t be here with you
because cocaine will make you sell your house.
Why? If you are playing rock n’ roll you will meet
these guys. Look at Whitney Houston. You cannot
go back once you are on drugs. But you can leave
Igbo but once you taste cocaine you can’t go
back. You never recover from drugs. They are
dangerous. Weed is better. We are opening our
club soon and in that club there will be no
smoking of weed.
What lessons have you learnt from the entire
The lesson I learnt is that Jesus Christ is the
way. It was Jesus Christ that saved me and
healed me; He is the one that heals. The Holy
Spirit is the one that heals. God is a spirit and
whenever you worship God you must worship him
in truth and in spirit. If you are true to God he
will help you; that was what happened to me.
People were just blackmailing me back then
because I got an American contract when I was
27 years old. Interscope had Tupac Shakur, Dr.
Dre and all the big stars. I was supposed to
release three albums with them. We were about
to record the second album when witches
attacked me. (Laughter). Americans don’t just
accept you like that. I was able to meet some
Italians who loved my music. Then I was still
young and I was lucky and truly, prayers work. It
was Christ that healed me
We have many young artistes now like Wizkid and
Davido. What do you have to tell them now so
that they won’t make your mistakes?
They should give their lives to Jesus Christ. After
my experience and after all the scandals and
blackmails which almost made me enemy of the
press which is almost impossible because I won’t
go anywhere without the press, I will advise them
to embrace Jesus. My mother tried to force me to
go to the university but I said no and ran to
Lagos to stay with my aunty. Then she was
married to an army officer. She was the one that
helped me and trained me. I ran away because
the music was really into me. I couldn’t hear
anything else. My aunty told my mum, leave this
man alone, let him play music and my mother
understood because she is also a singer. She
bought me my first guitar when I was about 10
years old. I started playing music from age 10.
Tell us about your new album?
This album we are doing right now is a
revolution. There is what we call commercial
music. My sound is evergreen. Send Down The
Rain is an evergreen song. This new album is
called Weep Not Children and it is dedicated to
children. For us to get out of the recession,
federal government must take care of the
children. Nobody knows tomorrow. The album
was inspired by God. It has 10 tracks and on one
of the tracks I am featuring Tuface Idibia. 10 per
cent of whatever we make goes to charity. It is
our way of giving back. Society has done so
much for me. When I got my contract in America,
it was Nigerians that pushed and supported me.
Send Down The Rain is still shining 30 years
after. We are also embarking on a tour tagged:
Operation Feed The Poor.
What happened between you and Timi Dakolo
regarding Send Down The Rain?
Timi Dakolo did wrong. That is why I respect
Tuface. He came and said ‘I was a kid when I
was listening to you. I want to work with you’ and
I agreed. I personally produced the song. What
Timi Dakolo did is against music law. We are not
taking it lightly. Even if he paid there should be
mutual agreement. You have never met Majek
before or spoken to him and you are saying that
you paid him. Later they said they paid the guy
managing Majek before and now Timi Dakolo is
making money on itunes. Our solicitors from the
US and UK are coming. If Timi Dakolo can prove
that he paid, he will go scot free. I can sue him
for a 100million but I don’t want to destroy his
career. He is a young boy. Our lawyers are on
top of it.
Did you give authority?
No. he did it because in Nigeria anything goes.
So now that you are back no more women and
No-o, once in a while (laughter)

Popular Southside Governor Loses $10M Workers Salary To His American Actress Mistress

A governor is under probe after the sum of $10
million he diverted from the bailout funds
allocated to his state was hijacked by his
The governor was said to have commissioned his
mistress to help him launder the said sum only
for the latter to refuse to remit it in the slush
accounts the governor provided.
Already, the money in question has been traced to
a bank in the United States.
The Nation investigation revealed that the
governor resorted to using his US-based mistress
to stash the funds abroad in order to avoid
monitoring by security agencies.
The cash was allegedly either wired or hauled in
tranches in order to beat the nation’s Financial
Intelligence Unit (FIU).
In spite of the governor’s tricks, however, security
agencies were able to intercept the deal between
him and his mistress.
It was gathered that the diversion of the looted
$10 million by the mistress created an uproar
that triggered the ongoing investigation of the
deal between the love birds.
One of the sources involved in the probe said: “A
governor from an oil-producing state is in soup
and under probe by some security agencies.
“The governor seems to have been duped by his
mistress who stays in Texas in the United States.
“The governor is worried after discovering that his
girlfriend has defrauded him of $10 million.
“What started as a love affair and promises of
good faith has turned sour.
“Yet the governor would not want his wife or the
people of the state, who will be disappointed, to
know about this ugly transaction.”
The security chief added: “Investigation so far
indicated that the governor allegedly diverted part
of the bailout funds meant for his state to the
“All relevant security agencies are already tracking
how the cash was wired to the mistress as well
as the whereabouts of the funds.
“Very soon, the details of the transaction will be
revealed to Nigerians.
“This is why the government has decided to
monitor how bailout funds and London-Paris loan
refunds were spent.”
The Presidency in 2016 released the sum of N1.
266.44 trillion to 36 states within nine months.
The breakdown includes N713.70 billion special
intervention funds to states and London Paris
Club loan refunds of N522.74 billion.
The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other
Related Offences Commission (ICPC) had said 16
states were yet to disburse about N57, 663, 185,
735 of the bailout funds approved for them by
President Muhammadu Buhari.
The agency also indicted some of the states for
diverting the bailout funds which were meant for
workers’ salaries.

How my mother saved me from killing myself – Mr. Ibu

Popular comedic actor Mr. Ibu has
revealed how he almost killed himself
years back
- Ibu narrated how he got back on his feet
saying his mother saved him
- He added that he once slept under a lorry
where dogs live
Mr. Ibu
John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu has revealed
that he would have taken his life since
1997 due to the hardship he faced in
READ ALSO: 6 loving photos of Mr. Ibu
and his wife that showcase true love
In a recent interview with Punch, Ibu
stated that at a point in life, he had
nothing to call his; he talked about how
he couldn’t feed and no roof over his
head. According to him the only option
left was for him to die.
Three days after he had nothing to eat,
the actor decided to jump into a well.
Here is what he said;
“Do you know that there was a day
that I had prepared to kill myself in
Ajao Estate? That day, I was
prepared to jump into a well because
of the situation that surrounded me.
Three days before that day, I had not
eaten and I did not have hope of
eating for the next week. I was only
surviving on water and I hate it
when I bother anyone.
Most of my close friends were not
bothered about my well-being even
though it was obvious that I was not
alright. I remember December 18,
1997, a friend of mine who I
squatted with called me in the
morning and told me that he would
be going home for Christmas and he
did not want anyone to be in his
I assured him that no one would
come to his place but he said he
wanted me out of the room. I told
him that I did not have another place
to stay and he should trust me that as
usual, I would take good care of the
place. Though I was older than him, I
did all the washing and cleaning of
the house to the extent that I washed
his pant and underwear.
I did that so that I could have a roof
over my head. But out of anger, that
my friend went into the house,
brought out all my things and threw
them outside, then he told me to
leave his house, he locked his door
and left.
“From where I was seated, I was
looking at the well. I thought to
myself, ‘is it not better to end my life
by jumping into the well so that
when people return in the evening
and they need water, they would
discover my body and my friend
would know that he was the reason I
wanted to kill myself?’
I went to the well and as I opened
the lid and prepared to jump inside,
the image of my mother’s face
flashed through my mind. I quickly
closed the well and began to wonder
how my mother knew that I wanted
to kill myself.
My mother was still alive at the time;
she was about 80 years old. I went
back and leaned by the wall. A
neighbour, Francis, was playing a
song by Michael Bolton titled ‘When
I am back on my Feet Again.’ The
song gave me hope and I decided to
stay alive.”
Okafor added that he ended up sleeping
under a lorry which was a permanent
resident for dogs in the area. He was
there for a while till his story totally
changed for good.

Julius Agwu returns to social media, thanks fans for their support

Comedian and Actor, Julius Agwu who in
late 2016, had a relapse and had to seek
further medical attention in the US is back
on social media after a long silence.
Julius Agwu
The comedian who was very active on
social media has been off it for about 22
week until he returned two weeks ago
sharing a photo of his daughter.
Yesterday, January 27, Julius shared
another picture, this time he is saying
thank you to everyone for their support
and prayers.
Julius Agwu post
He wrote, 'Thanx to everyone who
PRAYED for me... May almighty GOD
reward you all in JESUS Name, Amen !!!'
Recall that Julius could not attend his
Crack Your Ribs comedy show billed for
London on Sunday, August 28, 2016.
We hope Julius Agwu is back and

Actress Uche Elendu speaks on her marriage

Finally, Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu
has spoken about the rumored crisis in her
- Different reports had claimed that the
marriage ended due to infidelity in Uche’s
- According to her, the marriage is intact
and doing well
Actress Uche Elendu and her kids
Top Nollywood actres Uche Elendu has
finally opened up on her allegedly
crashed three- year- old marriage.
Many people have speculated that the
marriage had crashed due to infidelity
on the path of the actress, while some
others claimed that her husband,
Ogochukwu Igweanyiba, is the
unfaithful one.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, Uche
debunked all rumour saying her
marriage is intact and everything is
perfect for now.
In her words, “There is nothing
happening. My marriage is intact. People
are entitled to their opinion and they are
allowed to dwell in other people’s
marriage and tell them what is going on
because as far as I am concerned, they
are the ones telling me that my marriage
has hit the rocks because I am not
It has always been my motto not to bring
my personal life to the public. The things
that are supposed to be made public are
made public and those things that should
be private are kept private.
When I was getting married, I made it
public so when I am tired of my marriage
or when my marriage does not work for
me anymore, I would let them know. But
for now, they are telling me and I am
just listening. By God’s grace everything
is fine with my marriage. For now,
everything is perfect.
“I don’t comment when people lay claims
that my marriage is in trouble because I
see such as idle talk. I don’t know why
people derive so much pleasure in
meddling in my business and private life.
Whether what they say is true or not, I
don’t think it is anybody’s business. I
don’t have any business replyingreplying
because I don’t owe them that
explanation. Whatever I go through in
my marriage, I pass through alone and
nobody is with me when I go through
them. Whatever I gain from my
marriage, I gain alone so what is the
point?” she said.
Recall that in September 2016, the news
about ex-beauty queen Ekwosiobi
Sandra Chichi getting married to Uche's
husband, Prince Nku Igweanyiba broke
the internet.

Simi's message to Adekunle Gold on his birthday is too sweet for words (photo) -

Happy birthday Adekunle Gold!
Many of his friends have taken to their
social media pages to celebrate him; one
special message is that from his
girlfriend Simi which she shared with
an adorable photo of them together.
The post reads, "You're amazing
Adekunle. So amazing, it blows me away.
Simi and Adekunle Gold
getaway at private beach
"There are so many things that I wish
and pray for you, but words will never be
enough. But know that nobody got u like
I got u. Live long, kick, shine and prosper
like the king you will  be.
"Happy birthday Champ. ❤"
Are you thinking what I am thinking...

Men think you are a sex addict when you satisfy them in bed — Bridget Amos

On-the-rise Yoruba actress, Bridget Amos has
clear ideas about what she wants in her career
and she seems to know exactly how to go
about getting them. In one past interview with
Potpourri, the busty Kwara State-born beauty
said she loves setting certain standards for
herself, and unlike many of her peers, she
would produce only one film per year.
As cocky and as sure of herself as she is,
Bridget seems to have issues with matters of
the heart. In a recent post on Instagram, the
actress vented her frustrations with loving a
man and satisfying one.
Bridget Amos
“What do you really want? So complicated and
confusing to please,” she wrote, questioning
men on her list.
“If you try to please them, you are cheap; if
you make love to them you are a love peddler;
if you don’t, you are playing hard to get; if you
show them love you are too emotional. If you
give them attention, you are bugging them, and
if you don’t, you are with other men. If you
dress sexy you are attracting other men, if you
don’t, you are awkward and local. If you cook;
wash their clothes, you are desperate of getting
married, if you don’t , you are not a wife
Continuing: “If you’re independent you are
chasing other men; if you are dependent you
are a liability. If you try to satisfy them in bed
you are a sex addict; if you don’t, you are
making sex boring. If you get pregnant you
want to trap them down; if you don’t, you have
damaged your womb. If you are beautiful, you
can’t stay with one man; if you are not, you are
not up to the standard; if you ask for money
you are too demanding and if you don’t, you
are forming”. Then, she hits the nail on the
head, “they think we can’t do without them. At
times, I don’t think they know what they

I Was Blackmailed For Allegedly Putting UCTH Funds In MMM— Prof. Agan, CMD

Professor Thomas Agan is the Chief Medical
Director of University of Calabar Teaching
Hospital, UCTH, and the Chairman, Committee of
Chief Medical Directors of Tertiary Hospitals in
Nigeria. In this interview, Agan speaks on the
challenges facing teaching hospitals in the
You have been in office for about five years.
We know that as an administrator you must
have challenges, one of which is the issue of
staff salary. How have you have been coping?
The truth of the matter is that the UCTH does
not owe staff salary. In October, November
and December 2016, we had a shortfall which
was a national challenge. In fact, the first two
hospitals to be affected were the Federal
Teaching Hospital, Irua and the Federal
Medical Centre, Yenogoa.
You are also aware that at the beginning of
last year, the Federal Government reduced
personnel allocation to Ministries, Departments
and Agencies ,MDAs, by about 10 per cent and
most of us who knew this told our staff that
we were going to have shortfall and that
they may not receive October salary. Some of
them thought we were unserious. I was even
blackmailed that I put their money in MMM,
and I don’t know what MMM means. I won’t
do that, you don’t touch people’s money as
they have wives and husbands who depend on
Luckily, the Federal Government corrected the
shortfall because money was sourced and paid
to all MDAs that had shortfall, including
teaching hospitals. So when people say we ate
their money, going around blackmailing us that
we put funds in MMM, I look at them and
laugh because there is no truth in it. UCTH and
most teaching hospitals across the country are
not owing staff salary.
What about salary and promotion arrears in
the university teaching hospital system?
Promotion arrears in the teaching hospital
system date back to 2013 when IPPIS came in.
The Federal Government has not been paying
promotion arrears since 2013. In 2013, they
made part, payment, promotion arrears for
2014 to 2016 have not been paid. Even the
promotion that was done in 2016 in most
teaching hospitals, including Calabar, the report
has not come out from the Federal Ministry of
Health. The implication is that we depend on
our supervisory ministry, and if money is not
given to you, how do you pay? For now, 2014,
2015, 2016 and part of 2013 promotion arrears
have not been paid. Government has calculated
it, it is in the budget office and all that is
needed is for the Federal Minister of Finance to
give cash –backing. The government is doing
their best to ensure that civil servants in the
health sector do not suffer unnecessarily
because it is their right not a privilege.
Outside salary arrears and promotion, what of
the area training of doctors- what has your
administration been doing about it in terms of
When you talk of sponsorship, there hasn’t
been budgetary provision for sponsorship. At a
time we were paying sponsorship from
personnel allocation but we were stopped. For
instance, if I am given N6 million to manage
this teaching hospital- this overhead is
supposed to take care of diesel supply- a truck
load of diesel of 40,000 liters is how much? It
is almost N12 million. Then you talk of other
things. You need to buy stationery, you need to
do repairs, you need to maintain, and you need
to do all kinds of things. The overhead cannot
carry the head. So for now, we owe resident
doctors sponsorship allowance and we are
appealing to them to exercise patience, by
God’s grace, government will take into
consideration some of these things. Some of
these things are things that if we look critically
inwards, we can resolve.
Recently, you tried to do away with outsourced
services in UCTH. Was it an internal decision or
the decision came the Federal Ministry of
The decision to outsource services is a
government decision- some of the services
being rendered by staff were outsourced. The
staff affected include security personnel,
cleaners, laundry. The implication is that a
contractor will now bid and then recruit people
to come and do those jobs. Unfortunately,
something went wrong and since 2009 till date
government has not been funding it. So, there
no budgetary provision for outsourced services.
We were funding from internally generated
Between 2009 and 2012, we were paying from
personnel. In 2012, ICPC invited some of us
and gave us stern warning over it and even
wrote to us that we were liable to be jailed if
we pay that way. It came to a point where we
were asked to pay from capital allocation and
as the budget is coming out it is expunged. So,
we are owing part of 2013, 2014 and 2015. As
I am talking, many of them have taken us to
court while some have assaulted us physically,
and some have even gone as far as assaulting
our family members.
As of November 2016, we are owing about
N229 million to outsourced companies. As
Chairman of the Committee of CMDs, I have
written to the Minister of Finance to authorize
the payment because it is their right, not a
Let’s talk about infrastructural development in
UCTH. Could you let us know how far it has
been in terms electricity, the state of the
theatre, the toilets and bathrooms?
When you talk about infrastructural
development, it has been very slow because of
the dwindling economy. Recession is affecting
everything in this country. I can tell you that
from when I took over in 2011, we had capital
budget of about N600 million, out of which
only 52 per cent was released. In 2012, we
had about N400 million, out of this only 48 per
cent was released. In 2013, out of about
N400, only 38 per cent was released. So it has
continued to dwindle.
This hospital was constructed in 1977 and,
somewhere along the line, it was abandoned
and then hoodlums removed the glasses, the
roof and everything. Well, we have moved in
but it is not possible do what we should do.
We couldn’t develop because you can give what
you don’t have.
Besides infrastructure, electricity bill is one of
our greatest challenges. In fact, we pay almost
N6m monthly. And in the absence of public
power supply, the generators are functioning
very well. We have a 515 KVA generator
mounted inside the laboratory and it can supply
electricity to the entire hospital. It is just that
I don’t like them to do that because it can
break down easily. We also have a 500 KVA
generator mounted at the theatre which
supplies light to the theatre and some parts of
the hospital. Recently we contemplated
acquiring a 200 KVA generator only for the
radiology department because the equipment
there are very sensitive- they cannot withstand
public power supply. Due to this off and one,
the equipment there break down easily, so we
are working on that and we will get it soon.
Let me take you back to some of the issues
patients have been complaining about. One is
the issue of drugs revolving in the hospital.
How functional has that scheme been?
You know too well that when the Federal
Government introduced the Treasury Single
Account (TSA), every money generated, whether
it is from drug revolving fund or from
anywhere, must go to the TSA. There is
nothing special about TSA, so any money that
is going there is utilized. Secondly, if you
generate N5, 000 and you are looking for N10,
000, from which subhead do you get that
money? If the pharmacy generates N5, 000 and
they are looking for N10, 000, where do you get
the money from? The drug suppliers claim that
the hospital is owing them, the hospital cannot
owe you. Suppliers are being paid, not that
they are not being paid. Sometimes I hear
stories outside and they gets me very offended-
that because they are owing GRF, who is
owing GRF? Is it the teaching hospital or
government? We are paying and we will
continue to pay, anybody who is being owed
will be paid fully. I have vowed that this 2017 I
want to clear as much as possible all debts
owed to some of these people so that I will
have peace. When I am leaving, I leave in
Let me take you back to the issue of the
Committee of CMDs. Doctors allege that the
committee is responsible for the crisis in
hospitals. What crisis are they talking about?
The crisis the doctors keep raising is that the
CMDs don’t cooperate with them, they don’t
discuss with them. Every staff is staff and as a
chief executive, you don’t just come and open
the books and announce on television and
radio that government has sent you money for
this or that. It is administratively wrong.
Sometimes people have to know the basics, it
is not everything you analyse to staff. Worse
still, people who need positions are the people
who instigate crisis in hospitals.
They are not only instigating resident doctors,
they are instigating other staff. They blackmail
you; write petitions to EFCC, ICPC, police
headquarters, media, every nook and cranny of
the world. I have told doctors nationwide that I
am ready to solve their problems as long as
they are ready to stop striking unnecessarily. I
will join the Federal Government to solve their
problems which are very minor as far as I am
concerned. Abroad you pay school fees to be
trained as a resident doctor. In Nigeria
government pays you and trains you. As far as
I am concerned, it is a privilege and not a right
because they are paid salary.
The Minister issued a directive on the detention
of patients following inability to pay hospitals
bills. As the Chairman of the Committee of
CMDs, what is your response?
The truth of the matter is that people are not
ready to pay; it is not that there is no money
to pay. Nigerians want to be treated free, not
that they don’t have the money. Now we insist
that anybody that comes must pay deposit
unless the person comes unconscious, and they
are pp
aying. Nobody should deceive you that
they don’t have money; they will tell the public
that they are being detained but they are not
being detained by anybody.

Obiano returns, debunks rumours of ill health

GOVERNOR Willie Obiano has returned from his
trip abroad, thus ending rumours making the
round that he was hospitalized in the United
States of America, USA, for undisclosed
Some social media outfits speculated that
Obiano suffered an injury on his eyes following
a domestic incident and had to be rushed
The governor’s senior special assistant on
media, Mr. James Eze said Obiano arrived
Awka on Thursday evening to the warm
embrace of the staff of the Government House,
his family members and other well wishers,
adding that he had been rejuvenated to end his
first tenure on a strong note and get set for his
Eze quoted Obiano as saying: “I went to the US
for a short vacation and I am back. I do not
have injuries anywhere. I am in a great shape

  • and I have no problem at all with my health.”

Customs seizes 2 helicopters at Lagos airport, hands them over to Air Force

THE Murtala Muhammed International Airport,
Lagos Command of Nigerian Customs Service,
NCS, yesterday seized two Bell civil models l
Helicopters which were imported into the
country last year but remained unclaimed at
the ware house of the Skyways Aviation
Handling Company Limited ,SAHCOL, at the
cargo section of the airport. The two
abandoned helicopters have therefore been
handed over to the Nigerian Air Force to fight
insurgency in the North East.
Confirming the seizure yesterday, the Customs
Area Controller, Frank Allanah disclosed that
the duty paid value of the two helicopters and
other accessories was over N9,757,135,240.86.
He also said the helicopters were flown into
the country as a consignment with Airway Bill
Number 17232444403 through the Murtala
Muhammed International Airport.
He added that the helicopters were detained at
the Skyways Aviation Handling Company
Limited (SAHCOL) shed pending fulfilment of
all legal requirements for the importation .
According to him, “upon examination, the
consignment was found to contain two civil
models 412 EP of serial numbers 36608 and
36606 Bell Helicopters respectively, in standard
configuration and 23 packages said to contain
their accessories weighing eleven thousand four
hundred and seventy five kilogrammes ( 11,075
“The unknown importer could not produce end
user certificate from the office of the National
Security Adviser ( NSA) an act which
contravenes section 36 sub section two
Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA)
laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004.
Consequently seizure was effected on
November 7, 2016 in line with section 46 of
However, there are reports that the two Bell
Helicopters were imported by Rivers State
Government during the Rotimi Amaechi’s
administration. An official of SAHCOL, who
does not want to be named, confirmed that the
choppers were imported by Rivers State
Government. He also said Customs reserves
the right to seize any aircraft or imported item
if the importer fails to show up for clearance
and payment of necessary duty on the

Ace comedian Bovi to host Eargasm 2017 concert

Popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi, has been
announced as host of the upcoming Eargasm
concert, an evening of classic renditions and
pleasant surprises, scheduled to hold on
Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Eko Hotel and
Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Bovi is set to pilot the affairs of the concert;
as he would perform a slew of hilarious jokes
throughout the event, as well as introduce
guests using his ever-hilarious comic style for
the audience’s entertainment.
Speaking on the choice of Bovi as host, one of
the organizers of the event, Efe Omorogbe,
remarked – “Bovi is one personality to reckon
with in the entertainment industry, as he has
made very remarkable inputs over the years. He
is merchant of humour and we are sure that he
will crack the ribs of our guests at the event.
We couldn’t think of a better option; he is
simply our first choice”
Bovi will be joined on stage by some of
Nigeria’s A-list artistes including 2face, Tekno,
Adekunle Gold, Sir Shina Peters, Kelly Hansome,
Niyola, Timi Dakolo, Acetune, Yinka Davies, DJ
Neptune, amongst others.

Ex YBNL singer, Xino apologises to Olamide, YBNL team

Former YBNL artiste, Benjamin Chinedu
Ahamefula, aka Xino, seems to have returned
from a journey of sober reflections as he now
seeks to reconcile with his former label boss,
Olamide, whom he dumped in 2016 following
allegations of abandonment by the
management of YBNL.
Recall that after dropping two Pheelz produced
singles, ‘Nakam’ and ‘TTYL’, the Plateau State
born afro-beat singer, took shots at Olamide
after exiting the label, accusing the
‘Konkobility’ rapper, Olamide, of treating him
like he had nothing to offer the label. He
accused Olamide of insensitivity; concluding
that he could not be loyal anymore.
In a recent development, Xino seems to have
realised his mistake as he has finally
apologized to his boss, Olamide and the YBNL
team openly, withdrawing his initial outburst
and claiming responsibility for his actions. He
claimed to be missing Olamide and the YBNL
team while stylishly pleading to be accepted
back to the label.
“Mood, feeling like Baddo right now, I want to
take this time out to apologize, first
to @baddosneh for the rash things I said last
year. I was bitter over how things took a turn, I
guess I owe all of you an apology and I humbly
ask that you guys overlook what I said and see
me for who I really am, a happy, fun-loving and
jonzing pretty boy. I also apologize to the
whole YBNL team and take responsibility for
my words. I love @baddosneh as a big bro and
how creative he has inspired me to want to be
better. I guess I was really missing the crew;“I
love you guys. Thanks for not judging me and
taking time out to read this. I want to get
accolades and shit, but I want to get it with
the people who were there for me”, he wrote
soberly on his Instagram page.

Why I went back to school to study law — KOK

Multiple award-winning actor,
Kanayo.O.Kanayo who recently enrolled to
study Law at the University of Abuja, after he
bagged Masters degree from the University of
Lagos, few years ago, has explained why he
took the decision to go back to school.
In a brief chat with HVP, in Benin, recently, the
veteran actor said, he decided to go back to
school in order to prove those who believe that
entertainers are not educated wrong. According
to him, “Many people believe that we are not
educated but I am here to prove them wrong.”
KOK, however, did not shed more light on his
law programme as he does not want to make
it a public issue. But for whatever reason, the
Imo State-born actor has paid his dues as far
as the world of make-believe is concerned.
Alumni of the University of Lagos, KOK holds a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy and
Masters Degree in Political Science from the
same institution. He hit the limelight after he
acted Chief Omego in the pioneering movie
‘Living In Bondage’ , an instant hit that
signalled a new dawn in the Nigerian movie


Gucci Mane may owe an Army veteran an
The rapper allegedly took Georgia-based veteran
Charles Harris assigned seats at the Atlanta
Falcons game last weekend.
When the “Gucci Please” rapper and his fiance
wanted the seat, a stadium employee reportedly
took the celebrity’s side and forced Harris to
The army vet was sat there to be featured as
that week’s hometown hero. The seat exchange
happened only 30 minutes before the segment.
Harris showed a supervisor his tickets and was
returned to his original seats. Mane and his
fiance Keyshia Ka'oir then left but not before
Ka’oir supposedly copped an attitude.
The 16-year Army veteran told TMZ , “It's
shameful that I missed pretty much the first




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