*CozMediaTeam* On Location At Okpella Shooting An Epic Film

Movie production in a remote Fulani settlement, this Fulani Children live with their parents inside this huts,their parents has lived here in this quiet settlement for more than 30 years, they have no light yet they are content, no pipe borne water yet they are stronger than many who drink only eva water,they are very industrious in their farming and cattle rearing, they are very peaceful and accommodating, the man who is content with just the basic things of life is wise, the desire for porch cars and gigantic mansions are good, but not at the expense of the poor and not the "At all cost syndrome" like the fulani's in this settlement some where in Edo North (Okpella) life can be simple with just a daily routine for essentials while hoping with hard work, sincerity, and love for mankind  for better days to unfold. 

They are simblings and are very talented they have what it takes to be celebrities.

                                         A Promising Actress, Baby Face But Not A Baby

CozMediaTeam  Directing A Movie On Location





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