#EvangelicalTrump Is The Funniest Hashtag On Twitter Today

Donald Trump’s relationship with the religious right — usually a bastion of support for a Republican candidate — has always been an awkward one. In August 2015, he declined to name his favorite Bible verse because it was too “personal.” Then there was the infamous “Two Corinthians” incident in January. And more recently, students mobilized to denounce him at Liberty University, the world’s largest evangelical university. Couple this with predatory words toward women, his repeated defenses of emphasizing their proclaimed bad looks, and multiple mistresses and marriages, and it’s easy to see how the candidate has eroded support among religious people. 
A recent poll shows 65 percent of white evangelicals support Trump — a big number, but comparatively quite low, considering 79 backed Mitt Romney in 2012 (who, the Times noted, lost support among that group because he’s a Mormon). And thus, we’ve been blessed with #EvangelicalTrump Twitter today. Hundreds of trolls are mashing together Trump’s own words with the religious values he’s said to support.
Source: Vocativ




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