Sad: How A Corps Member, Was Murdered In Kaduna Few Days To His Birthday

Corper, Lawal Kontagora have been shot dead by Hoodlums a youth in Malali, Kaduna North Local Government Area of Kaduna State on October 17. The youth corper who would have clocked 26 on October 22 was the first child of Hafsat Lawal Kontagora Lawal, and the eighth child of the family. He has been described as a gentleman by Yusuf Kontagora, a family friend, who later told Daily Trust correspondent that the family got to know of the incident around 11pm on Monday.

“Lawal, we learnt, was in his car, chatting with his friend, Murja outside her parents’ house located on Gambi Road in Malali when two young men came out from an uncompleted building and tapped on the window of the vehicle. He brought down the glass and they asked them to step out of the car and kneel down, which they did. 

The hoodlums asked them to surrender their phones, so Lawal got up to get the phones from the car. I believe one of the hoodlums got impatient with Lawal and before he could get the phones from the car, they shot him in the leg”. His leg scattered completely because the shot was at close range, then they used a weapon called ‘Gario’ in Hausa, and stabbed him in the head. After they left, he dragged himself into his car and started it, thinking he could drive himself to the hospital, but because he was losing a lot of blood, he was not able to”.




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