[VIDEO] Incredible! 16-Year-Old High School Student Speaks Different Language After A Month In Coma

Reuben Nsemoh. a 16-year-old high school student ended up in coma last month after another player kicked him in the head during a game, and he spoke a different language on waking up.
Ever since he suffered a concussion in a soccer game, the suburban Atlanta teen’s worried about why it’s so hard for him to concentrate. He’s anxious to know whether he’ll ever get to play his favorite sport.
But the biggest shocker of all is that he now suddenly speaks fluent spanish. When he woke up, he did something he’d never done before: speak Spanish like a native.
His parents said he could already speak some Spanish, but he was never fluent in it until his concussion.
Slowly, his English is coming back, and he’s starting to lose his Spanish fluency.




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