BREAKING NEWS‘ Militants Dismiss Buhari’s Meeting, Promise More Attacks

Those That Represented Us Don’t Understand Our Situation’-

What do the Avengers want?  What actually are they fighting for? Are they out to Frustrate the Muhamadu Buhari Administration? Or to ensure real and swift development of the Niger Delta area? 
these and more are the questions begging for answers, The Avengers seems to be singing in discordant tunes they say one thing today and recant on it in less than 24 hours

Despite the meeting President Muhammadu Buhari had with Niger Delta stakeholders on Tuesday, militants have insisted that they will not stop attacks on Oil facilities.
The Militants claimed none of the representatives that attended the meeting was aware of the plight of the Niger Delta people.

Niger Delta Peoples Democratic Front and the Concerned Militant Leaders, in a statement lamented that no former militant leader was among those chosen to be part of representatives of the region in the meeting with government.
Leaders of the two groups, General Ben and General Playboy also doubted the Federal Government’s sincerity on the $10bn development fund to be earmarked for the Niger Delta.





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