Burning Issues with David Aire On NTA Uzairue.

Burning Issues is a live telecast on NTA Uzairue, the Program wich features every Tuesday on the station has become ahousehold name as it has a large viewership and has garnered many admirers and fans over the years.

The Program extrays Issues of national discourse, it keeps Edo North people in constant touch with happenings in Nigeria and beyond,

The Program is Anchored by David Aire a seasoned broadcaster who has mastered the ropes and artistry of journalism and the broadcast industry so well that Burning Issues is heard of in the nearby states and co ordinate environment that get NTA Uzairue through the Digital Switch Decoder STAR TIMES.

If you are a visitor to Edo North, do well  to tune in on a Tuesday by 7pm for a very constructive and people oriented discourse on national issues.




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