US election results: State-by-state maps and predictions as Donald Trump closes in on victory

9 NOVEMBER 2016 • 7:23AM
onald Trump moved within reach of the White House on Tuesday night, capturing crucial victories over Hillary Clinton in a remarkable show of strength .
The Republican nominee confounded pre-election polls by taking a series of key battleground states, including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
Mr Trump also battled for a breakthrough in the upper Midwest, a region that reliably backed Democrats in presidential elections for three decades. His victories left Mrs Clinton with a perilously narrow path and no margin for error in battleground states where votes were still being counted.
Mrs Clinton carried Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. Her fate hinged in part on wins in Michigan and Wisconsin, states where her campaign spent little time during the general election in anticipation of comfortable victories.
As the race lurched past midnight, neither candidate had cleared the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. If Mr Trump pulls off the stunning upset, he'll govern with a Congress fully under Republican control. The GOP fended off a Democratic challenge in the Senate and the party also extended its grip on the House.
US election results
Number of electoral college votes
Last updated 07:04
270 to win
Undeclared Democrats Republican
Popular vote
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Our final prediction had Hillary Clinton on 206 strong or leaning electoral college votes, while Trump was on 164. This left 168 up for grabs in swing states, meaning the race was well and truly open.
A candidate needs to secure 270 out of 538 electoral college votes in order to win the presidency. They claim these by winning individual states that each award a certain number of votes. States with more people have more electoral college votes.
Presidential results maps
The electoral map is important. Each state is worth a certain number of electoral college votes, so Trump and Clinton need to build a coalition of states to reach the magic number of 270.
We will fill our maps in as the results are announced.
Our chart below sizes each state by their number of electoral college votes, showing how the big states have the power to tilt the election.
Electoral College Votes
Probable results on our maps are based on voting counts that are currently ongoing and are not final. We are showing the candidate that looks most likely to win that state.
The key states in the election
Swing states with a lot of electoral votes to distribute, such as Florida and Ohio, have been targetted a lot by Clinton and Trump in recent weeks. How they end up voting will have a lot of influence on the final result.
States like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia have the power to swing the election. So far, neither Trump nor Clinton has a significant lead in these crucial states .




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