Zambian Pastor Predicts What Donald Trump Will Do If Hillary Clinton Wins The Election

Democrat’s Hillary Clinton has been predicted to win the US presidential election but Republican Candidate, Donald Trump will not accept the result. This prediction was made by Popular Zambian Pastor, lsaac Amata.
Amata made this known on his Facebook page – Prophet ISAAC AMATA Prophecies on Tuesday.
He said, “By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, “what I frankly saw is a woman.”
In the same vein, Prophet Amata prophesied, saying: “I see protests, violence and riots after the victory of Hillary Clinton…..Donald Trump Will Not Accept Defeat.”
“Today’s USA elections will go down in history as one of the most turbulent elections ever as the Democratic Party candidate defeats Donald Trump narrowly at Electoral College but massively at the popular votes count.”
“History beckons for her. It is irreversible!
“Donald Trump will immediately reject the results calling for protests, impeachment against her.
“I saw key states heeding his call. Protests!
“Police drafted to stop the protests as Trump supporters go on rampage!
“The republican senators vowing to oppose her to the last and trying to frustrate her programs and agendas.
“Just like l said 3 days ago. Despite all, she will shock many by forming a broad Base Government including people from opposite Republican Party that will bring changes in USA.”
“I see a mighty tussle in the Senate.
“Republican Party, get ready for some shocker!
“Barrack Obama legacy continues.
“Destiny can be attacked or fought against but cannot be reversed!
“Congratulations HILLARY CLINTON!




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