‘I Am Not Surprised Nigerians Have Stopped Supporting Buhari’ – Soyinka

literary icon Wole Soyinka on Thursday said he was not shocked that President Muhammadu Buhari has lost prominence only year and a half into office, given the exclusive requirements that weighed on his legislature.

The previous military ruler won the 2015 decision on a banner of "change", vowing to handle the Boko Haram uprising, settle broken foundation and recuperate the economy.

In any case, since his race, the economy has authoritatively gone into recession and global energy prices have plummeted.

A tireless revolt battle to disrupt the creation of oil, the nation's principle trade, has added to the burdens.

"There's nothing shocking to me about his losing popularity, it is not out of the ordinary," said Soyinka, who was a wild pundit of Buhari's prior term as head of state subsequent to taking force in an overthrow in 1983.

"Individuals needed change, that word was not only a trademark, it was a guarantee," Soyinka said in Johannesburg.

Be that as it may, when he assumed control, "Nigeria was sinking".

The ex-military ruler has seen his endorsement evaluations decrease as of late from 80 percent a year ago to 41 percent this September, as indicated by investigation firm BMI Research.

Soyinka said while Buhari was the better decision of the two competitors in a year ago's vote where he squared off against ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, it was high time the nation weaned itself off leaders with military foundations.

"I was not especially enchanted of the possibility of a military individual proceeding with — for goodness' sake, it's been too long," he said.

"I feel extremely enthusiastic that the time has come for we to disposed of the last remnants of military control, of military representation. It's as though there are no brains outside the military."

Nigeria deserted military rule in 1999 for multi-party popular government taking after six military overthrows after autonomy from Britain in 1960.




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