MMM participants Advised To Stay Calm Over Freezing Of Mavro

Participants of MMM woke up early morning on Tuesday 13th December 2016 to an unpleasant news on the mmmoffice webpage that all confirmed Macro have been Frozen, since the news a lot of participants have been expressing divergent views on the matter, while some see it as ameasure to forestall a total breakdown many others see it as the end to the scheme.
A careful perusal of the notice below however assures of continuity and admonishes participants to be calm.

The questions arising are

1. Is the MMM Scheme actually a ponzi scheme as feared by many Nigerians including the Nation's Government

2. Is the Scheme Submitting to the oppression of the media and the Nigeria Government?

3. What happens to those who have been matched and whose money might be hanging as a result of this sudden move by the handlers of the scheme?

4. Will the trust the scheme has garnered for itself continue to enjoy the good will of Nigerians?

More details soon...….….

Written by Chris Oz




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