Saturday, 28 January 2017

Alibaba’s Comedy Talent Hunt, Spontaneity, Returns February

Acclaimed father of Nigerian comedy, Alibaba,
has announced that his annual comedy talent
show, ‘Alibaba’s Spontaneity’, will now be a
monthly event.
Ali Baba
In a post on his Instagram page, the veteran
comedian disclosed that he has decided to
make the comedy talent hunt a monthly thing.
“Alibabasspontaneity returns next month, and
this time around its going to be
monthly #january1stconcert”, Alibaba
announced. Why the grandmaster of Nigerian
comedy has made such a decision still remains
a mystery to unravel. Querying this new
ent, Showtime Bonus asked Alibaba
why he decided to stage the talent hunt on a
monthly basis and how he intends to fund it,
but as at press time, his response was not