Big Brother Nigeria Will Never Happen In SA Again, If FG Fixes Power Problem – Yaw

Award-winning OAP, events compere and
comedian, Steve Onu (a.k.a Yaw) has thrown
his weight behind Multichoice in the on-going
controversy over the production of Big Brother
Nigeria reality TV show in South Africa.
Nigerians have divided opinions on why the
show was staged in South Africa instead of
Nigeria since it was targeted at a Nigerian
audience. The controversy made the federal
government to order a probe into the
circumstances that led to the staging of the
show abroad.
During the Authority Newspapers Awards for
Excellence and Good Governance 2016, which
held recently at Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre,
Abuja, Vanguard Potpourri met and asked Yaw
what he thinks about the hosting of the
ongoing Big Brother Nigeria show abroad,
here’s what he said:
“Multi-choice has said there are several
reasons why the on-going Big Brother Nigeria
reality TV show is being produced in South
Africa. Logistics is one of them. The company
already has heavy production equipment in
South Africa which could be very difficult to
bring into Nigeria for the show.
“But most importantly, to provide uninterrupted
electricity for the 72 days required for the show
to succeed in Nigeria will not be easy.
“Let the government fix power problem, I can
assure you that a lot of youth empowerment
shows will happen in this country.
“Nigeria has the manpower and the technical
know-how to do a lot of these things but let
me reiterate, the government should fix power
issues, and we’ll see wonders happen in this
country, and Big Brother Nigeria will never
happen in South Africa Again.
“But I must admit, had the show been staged in
Nigeria, a lot of our people would have been




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