Bishop Oyedepo under fire for allegedly inciting violence

Condemnation has trailed comments
credited to the founder and presiding
bishop of the Faith Tabernacle, Bishop
David Oyedepo, calling on God to split
Nigeria if it pleases Him.
Some Nigerians have called Bishop Oyedepo a
divisionist following his comments on the break-
up of Nigerian.

The Bishop during a ministration on
Sunday, January 8, in Otta,
headquarters of his ministry, reportedly
rained down curses on those promoting
the wanton killings in Southern part of
Kaduna state.
Oyedepo was said to have asked God to
take the best decision that would be
better for the troubled nation.
He said: “Lord, if it is your will to break
up Nigeria, break it now!”
Those offended by the cleric's comments
called him a divisionist who is no
different from Boko Haram leader,
Abubakar Shekau and Nnamdi Kanu
who are bent on splitting Nigeria.
They expressed shock that such
statement could be made by a preacher
and urged security agencies to start
arresting pastors who make such
divisional statements.




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