BREAKING: 2 dead, 100 injured as army fighter jet mistakenly drops bomb on IDP camp

A military jet has mistakenly dropped a
bomb inside the Rann IDP camp in Borno
state leading to the death of at least two
peoplee with a hundred injured.
According to Premium Times, those who
were injured had to be evacuated to
hospitals for treatment.
The Rann IDP camp is located in Kala-
balge local government area and it
caters for thousands of persons
displaced by Boko Haram.
Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar who
is the spokesperson of the army
confirmed the tragic incident and said
the military deeply regretted the error.
He said the military got intelligence
report of Boko Haram and deployed
ground and air troops and that it was
the air troop that mistakenly dropped
bomb on the IDP camp.
The Borno state government has sent a
message to all hospitals in Maiduguri to
be prepared to receive and treat injured
A helicopter belonging to the
International Red Cross was deployed to
the camp to evacuate the injured.
Lucky Irabor who is the theatre
commander of the armed force in Borno
also confirmed the incident.
He said: “This morning today, we
received reports about gathering of Boko
Haram terrorists somewhere in Kala
Balge Local Government area of Borno
State. We got a coordinate and I directed
that the air should go to address the
“Unfortunately the strike was conducted
but it turned out that the locals
somewhere in Rann were affected.
“We are yet to get the details of the
casualties. But we have some civilians
that have been killed, others are
wounded and we also have two of our
soldiers that were also wounded. Among
some that are wounded are local staffs of
the Medicine Sans Frontiers as well as
According to PM News, Irabor added
that the two soldiers who were injured
have also been evacuated for treatment.
“So far, it is a little bit disturbing; death
has occurred. There are casualties; there
were deaths and injuries but on the
actual number of casualties, we would
get back to you later.
“I am yet to get the number of casualties
of civilians killed, but two soldiers were
also affected.
“Some humanitarian staff of Medicines
Sans Frontiers and some staff of
International Committee of Red Cross
(ICRC) were also affected.
“We are sending helicopters to evacuate
those that were critically wounded,
including our wounded soldiers."




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