Death Threat: MMM Nigeria Promoter Chuddy Ugorji Flee Nigeria To The Philippines With Wife

The top promoter of the viral money doubling
scheme, MMM Nigeria has fled the country for his
dear life after investors who were unable to
withdraw their money threatened to assassinate
The Owerri based man who is considered the 2nd
in command to South Africa based Pastor
Mbanefo has relocated to the Philippines with his
beautiful wife, Amaka Ugorji.
Ugorji was said to have promised to start
releasing payments to depositors before he fled
Nigeria without notifying over 3 million Nigerians
who invested over 32 billion Naira in the scheme
Before now, he has been writing a series of open
letter to participants assuring them that they will
have their money back.
As it stands, many have lost hope in the scheme.
Now that Nigerians believe him more than the
media… So who is at fault now???
Take heart my people… eno easy but hope you
have learnt your lessons.




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