Do couples enjoy s3x better than singles?

If you’re single, you imagine all your problems
would be solved if you had a partner. If you’re
in a relationship, you might wonder if life would
be more exciting on your own. But when it
comes to sex, is it better when you’re single or
is there something about a relationship that
makes sex more intense?
Single Sex: Singletons can enjoy casual sex
with no strings attached. They can freely sleep
with whoever they choose…. You’re free to
enjoy the moment and may not think too much
about the future. Sex can be spontaneous,
carefree and exciting. You can have sex with
somebody you know, but sex with a stranger
can be more of a thrill as it can be easier to
lose your inhibitions.
Casual sex is seen as risky and naughty, and
can give deep physical satisfaction. It can also
leave you emotionally empty. They are only life-
affirming if both of you want the same. Be sure
to protect yourself and your lovers from
sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy
by using good contraception and condoms
every time you have sex.
Couple Sex: Most relationships go through an
intense period at first when you can’t keep your
hands off each other. Because you’ve invested
more in each other emotionally; the sexual
highs and sense of fulfilment are immense. But
the stakes are high and you risk greater
heartache if things go wrong. After about a
year, the intensity of sex and the passion
changes. You know your partner and it’s
difficult to shut out the more mundane things
in your life.
What you get instead is a sense of satisfaction
with life as you feel more secure in your
relationship. But you can get complacent.
Without working at your love life, nights
together can soon become mundane and




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