Gideon Okeke: ‘Fela’s shoes are too big for me’.....

Gideon Okeke 
Versatile actor, and star of Tinsel, Gideon
Okeke, who brought a deeper side of his talent
to play last October and November, after
delivering an outstanding theatrical re-
enactment of Fela Anikulapo Kuti ‘s life and
evolution, featuring some of the Afrobeat
legend’s songs, says the Afrobeat King’s shoes
are too big for him to step into.Gideon made this remark, in a chat with HVP,
shortly after his brilliant performance at the
MUSON festival. He insisted that he was not
trying to be Fela, even though it took him time
to understudy the Afrobeat king. “I am not
trying to be Fela. I only interpreted in songs
and dance some of the things he stood for
while he lived, his personality and lifestyle,”he
said.The creative piece, “Fela.. Arrest the
music”produced by Declassical Arts and
Entertainment Company in collaboration with
MUSON Center was a musical on the life and
times of the legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
Written by Paul Ugbede, (winner of the Beeta
Foundation Playwrights competition), the piece
expressed in songs and dance the daily
struggles of an African man; how he is being
subjected to the forces of suppression and
humiliation from the western world, his own
government, the society, et al. Gideon has
always proved he’s a different specie when it
comes to acting.

Written by TOGS




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