Hungry Man Stabs Elder Brother to Death

Frustrated Jobseeker
Kills Elder Brother In Abuja For Not Giving Him
Pocket Money
25-year-old Dominic Ogbaji, an indigene of Cross
River State, is now gnashing his teeth in bitter
regret at the headquarters of the Homicide
Department of the Federal Capital Territoty (FCT)
Police Command, Abuja, where he is being held in
Dominic, an indigene of Cross River State, is
alleged to have killed his elder brother, 32-year-
old John Ogbaji, while he was asleep, for not
giving him pocket money. The gruesome incident
happened on November 2, 2016, at Ajegunle in
Mpape village, FCT Abuja.
Dominic came from the village to live with his late
elder brother in Abuja, while searching a better
source of income. Prior to relocating to Abuja,
Dominic had been a barber but was not earning
much and earnestly wanted a change.
So John invited him to Abuja. Not long after he
came to Abuja, he began to pester the brother to
get him a job. The situation came to a head on
the night of November 2, after the two siblings
had eaten their dinner.
Recalling the chain of events that led to the
death of the deceased, Dominic told Sunday Sun
“I came from my village to stay with my sister but
she referred me to my elder brother. When I got to
his place, I told him I needed a job, but he couldn’t
get me a job in Abuja. Rather, I was just staying
with him.
He was giving me food but not pocket money. Life
was so difficult for me, I left my village thinking I
would get a job in Abuja. Then, on the night of
November 2, he gave me N60 to buy bread for us to
eat and water.
Later I told him I wanted to go back to the village
and would need about N4000. We ate the bread and
later watched television together.
In the middle of the night while he was sleeping, I
took a cutlass from under the bed and cut his
throat. After killing him, I took N10,000 from his
pocket and his phone and ran home, to Cross
River.”As Sunday Sun learnt from the Commissioner of
Police, FCT Police Command, Mohammed
Mustapha, the murder was discovered by a lady
in the compound who wanted to charge her
phone in the deceased room, who saw the corpse
and raised alarm that attracted the neighbours,
who reported the matter to the police.
The police then informed relations of the
deceased and also launched a manhunt for
Dominic, as suspicion of his involvement in the
death of his elder grew. Meanwhile, the mother of
the two brothers had heard that her younger son
had killed the elder brother.
Dominic, unknown to him that news of his
heinous act had reached his mother, got to the
village and was received by the mother.
Thereafter, she immediately got him bound and
transferred to the police, from where he was
returned to Abuja, for interrogation.
In the course of the intense questioning, he
cracked and spilled the beans on how and why he
killed his elder.
“I regret killing my brother because I was hungry
and needed pocket money, so the devil pushed me
to the evil thing I did,” Dominic said.




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