I gave birth to my son, i did not give birth to his lifestyle - Boko Haram member's mother speaks

The mother of a Boko Haram member has
spoken on her experiences and how she
currently feels about the actions of her
Boko Haram members
Her name is Falta and she is a
grandmother. Her son joined the Boko
Haram sect with three wives and
These days, Falta is worried about her
son, Mamman Nur, who is believed to
be one of Boko Haram’s leading
According to news reports, Nur was the
suspected mastermind behind a bomb
on U.N. headquarters in the capital
Abuja in August 2011 that led to the
deaths of 23 people.
A $160,000 bounty has been offered for
information leading to his capture by
the Nigerian army. When she speaks of
her experiences, Falta describes herself
as an “old woman."
In this interview with Reuters, she
explains that her son insisted that his
entire family move to the Sambisa for
their safety following clashes between
Boko Haram and the army in their
hometown of Banki.
Because there was no one to look after
her, Falta said she had no choice but to
go with her son and his family to
Sambisa forest.
She says: “He is my only remaining child
… his father died when he was a child."
She explains that life in Sambisa was
quite comfortable. Vans arrived
regularly with food and clothes, a
hospital staffed with doctors and nurses
tended to the ill, and Falta had her own
room in a house she shared with her
son and his wives.
“I was happy to have my grandchildren
around me,” she said.
Life went on like that for four years,
before she and her son's wives were
captured by the Nigerian military in a
2015 raid on the Sambisa forest.
Falta says she repeatedly tried to talk
her son out of joining Boko Haram.
“But he did not listen to me. I gave birth
to him, but I did not give birth to his
“After he moved to the Sambisa, I
decided it was no longer any use talking
… I could see he was already deeply
Falta is currently in a government safe
house and while the government is
ready to release her, she has no where
to go.
She is worried about her child, whom
she has not heard from.
“Anybody who has a child will know
exactly how I feel, I don’t know if he is
dead or alive.”




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