I intend to make money, win awards from The Three Wise Men — Opa William

Ace Nollywood movie producer, Opa Williams, is gunning for the skies with the premiere of his latest movie, The Three Wise Men , a comic movie which deals with serious issues of life.
The talented movie-maker who premiered the movie late last year, says as a business man he hopes to make a lot of money and bag some awards to decorate his hall of fame as
part of his gains from the movie . Speaking
during an exclusive interview, Opa Williams
hilariously told Potpourri what he expects to
gain from filming The Three Wise Men. “Two
things I want to clinch from the filming of this
movie are awards and money”, he said
hilariously.As to what inspired the movie, title, and the
cast, he had interesting responses. “We all
think we are wise, but do you know if a
decision you take is a wise one? So I just
thought I should name the movie The Three
Wise Men , because in life whatever situation
you find yourself you must take a decision, be
it good or bad.”
According to him, RMD, Zack Orji and Victor
Olaotan were just the best choice of cast for
the roles they all played in the movie. “I was
looking for people that can interpret roles,
which is very key, not because they are
popular, but because they are able to imbibe
the role into themselves and later bring it out. I
sat down and decided on RMD, Zack Orji and
Victor Olaotan because they were the best for
the roles. Another thing is that, whatever we
do, we are in business, we know who sells,
sometimes you bring in a star and they give
you a wishy-washy movie and then it flops, but
if you are able to get a good story, a good star,
a good production value, and then you are up.”




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