Ladies, If Your Guy Has These 9 Habits, Marry Him Right Now

Serious guys are hardly to find this days but if
your boyfriend does this things, go for him.
Hold tight and never let him go if your guy
possess these 9 habits;
1. He knows your breakfast order by heart.
Whether it’s a toasted whole wheat sesame
bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese and
freshly squeezed orange juice or just black
coffee. He’ll run out to pick it up or take you
with him and recite your order by heart.
2. He checks in on his way home.
With a quick text, “Leaving the bar in 10
minutes. See you soon…” he lets you know that
he hasn’t forgotten you, and that he’s ready to
be with his favorite person again.
He’s not sending this text because he thinks
you’re paranoid, needy or insecure. He sends it
out of mutual respect. He knows that giving
you a head’s up prevents you from worrying
about his safety or his level of sobriety. And it
reminds you that he realizes the best part of
his night has yet to begin.
It’s also keeping you in the loop so you can
cue up the movie you’ve been waiting to watch
3. He takes care of you.
He’ll grab you an Advil and a glass of water if
you have a headache. He’ll hit the pharmacy
for some tissues and cough meds and pick up
chicken noodle soup when you have a bad
head cold. He’ll force you to take zinc
lozenges and nudge you to see a doctor when
you claim to be too busy to make an
4. He calls during the day just to check in.
He may have a funny story to share or he
might simply want to see how work is going.
He’ll often try to convince you to shut down
early so you can spend time together.
5. He’s great with kids.
In fact, you’re pretty sure he could run a sports
camp of some type. Kids flock to him and are
eager to spend time with him. He’s a great
role model. His upbeat personality and
enthusiasm are infectious. There are huge
grins on children’s little faces when he’s
6. He makes time for you.
No matter how busy things get for him, he’ll
never forget to set aside consistent alone time
with you. You’re a priority to him, so he’s not
afraid to turn down plans with “the guys” in
favor of some QT with his lady.
7. He’s responsive to each and every one of
your calls and texts.
He’ll never go missing for multiple days in a
row. He’s reliable. He won’t stand you up
when you have plans. He doesn’t ask for rain
checks because excuses are not part of his
DNA. He’s not one to be consistently late
because he cares enough to be on time.
8. He doesn’t keep in touch with ex-girlfriends.
He knows that once a relationship is over,
there is no good that can come from staying in
close contact, particularly once he’s in a new
relationship. There are no strange phone
numbers popping up on his cell phone.
Not that you know this because you don’t even
feel the need to cybersnoop.
9. On certain occasions, you receive heartfelt
gifts accompanied by thoughtful greeting
You’re into birthdays and anniversaries, so he
is happy to celebrate them with you. If he
knows you’re into writing, he’ll get you a
beautiful journal.
He inserts his humor into presents, too. For
instance, if he sings you your favorite song,
he’ll change the words to lyrics so they’re
about that annoying co-worker you’ve been
telling him about.




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