Majek Fashek : Women & Weed Destroyed My Career, Wizkid & Davido Should Accept Jesus Christ Now

January 29, 2017 – Majek Fashek: Women &
Weed Brought Me Down, Wizkid & Davido Should
Accept Jesus Christ Now
Majek Fashek: I Read Seven Books Of Moses To
Get More Knowledge
The Occult Books I Was Reading Back Then
Affected My Brain
I Started Smoking In Secondary School
I Stopped Smoking After My Mother Tortured Me
I Got Inspiration For Send Down The Rain From
Excerpt from The Sun MD, Eric Osagie’s recent
chat with Reggae music legend Majek Fashek.
Is Majek Fashek Fully Back Now
Yes I am fully back home with my music manager,
Omenka Uzoma Day. We are planning a national
tour. The reason why I came back was that my
children are now grown. I am lucky they don’t ask
me for money anymore and I have a loving wife. I
was in the States because I wanted my children to
grow with me and now they are grown, they don’t
need me like they used to. We came back to Nigeria
because of the recession.
We came to give back the love that Nigerians gave
to me; we were supposed to go back to the US but
we came here because of the recession. Like Bob
Marley said, ‘if you know your history you will know
who you are so you don’t have to ask me who the
heck I am because I am a Buffalo Soldier.’ After
Fela left nobody can speak for Fela except Majek
Fashek. He was my master and my hero. I grew up
in the shrine and Fela gave me a break. Fela told
me in America that I must come home. But for Fela
they could have killed me in America.
Did you read The Seven Books of Moses?
Yes I read some books. I was seeking for more
You came onto the scene as a musical prophet.
The Jastix band disintegrated and you became
the super star. Then you were the best thing next
to Bob Marley and then your career took a deep.
What happened?
What happened was that before you heard the
name Majek Fashek the Rain Maker, I did not like
women or sex. I used to fast a lot. The Rain
Maker was given to me by Wale Olomu. I did
seven days fast or three days because my mother
took me to Aladura church where I learnt to fast.
That was where I started music. When you are
fasting you must abstain from sex.
You can’t have sex and fast. It is against the
law. No alcohol, no sex and no smoke. You must
be clean for seven days so I did that a lot when I
was with Jastix. At that time I was also working
with Tabansi Records. I was producing music
with Lemmy Jackson. I can play seven
instruments. Any way before I achieved fame I
passed through a process and God gave me Send
Down The Rain from heaven.
So you fasted and became big then, what
happened, did you stop fasting, did fame get to
you head and you began to mess around with
I was messing around with girls and booze but
what happened was that I delved into mystical
Who gave you the books?
They are normal books that you can buy from a
bookstore. Those books helped me in a way because
when you read those books you must be clean. It is
like fasting; you know what I am saying. So when I
read and practised what was in the books it worked
for me. There are laws that guide those things. I
studied the book very well and was keeping the
rules. That was how I was able to fly to America
and tour with Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy started reggae
music before Bob Marley. Jimmy Cliff prayed for
me. Maybe that is why I am still alive. As a matter
of fact, during that time I was reading the bible. Do
you know that the bible is the cleanest book in the
world? Right now I have thrown all those books away
and I am only using the bible. The mystic books are
not good. I played with Tracy Chapman, a big
American artiste and it was because I was following
the rules of the books and the bible. When I read
those books it affected my brain. I was lucky that
God saved me
Why did you deviate?
You know I am not Jesus Christ but a Jesus
Christ follower. It is only Jesus Christ who after
40 days and 40 nights of fasting was tempted by
the devil and Jesus said ‘get behind me Satan’
because he had the power to do it. I am not
Jesus Christ, everybody has weakness.
So you fell into the temptation?
Yes but I never used drugs and I suffered for it
for many years.
But they said that it was drink, that we should
forget whatever you are saying…
They just want to kill my shine.
Why did you think you needed to read those
mystical books?
It is part of the game of stardom in America. All
those guys in America are weird. I derailed.
Successful musicians are not normal human
beings. Michael Jackson was not normal. If
you are a normal human being you cannot be a
super star. Music is holy. You cannot abuse
holiness. Music can heal and revive your memory
and make you happy. I did what I should do as a
superstar and what I shouldn’t have done. I went
into rehab but I am back. It is not marijuana
that took me there-o. I started smoking when I
was in secondary school and I did not go mad.
My mum used to beat me. We smoked Obiaroko
igbo, it was the strongest. My brother weed no
make me craze.
Is that what they gave Wyclef when he came to
(Laughter) He almost died here.
And Shabba Ranks too?
(Laughter) As a matter of fact, why I respect
marijuana is that Bob Marley said we should
smoke, Fela said we should smoke. It
is igbo that showed me the way into the
musical life. Because when you smoked back
then when we were young it was a great
experience. We don’t have that kind of igbo again,
not even at the shrine. That one had oil in it
(laughter). When you smoke it you will be hearing
sounds from afar. That was the kind of Igbo Bob
Marley and Fela smoked. Those days when I
smoked, the moment I got back home my mother
will know because all my eyes will be swollen and
red and she will beat me shouting, ‘you have gone
to smoke again.’ She would torture me. That
was how I stopped smoking Igbo. Then I was in
secondary school.
How did you get inspiration for your greatest hit,
Send Down The Rain?
It came from fasting and prayers. I fasted and
prayed for seven days before I got the inspiration.
Inspiration comes from above, from angelic
beings. Angelic beings give me the sound and
I  recorded the progression and as I struck the
chord the vocal power came naturally. All my
songs come from angelic beings. Bob Marley
played prophetic songs.
Talking about the inspiration that gave you Send
Down The Rain, are you sure such inspiration will
come again?
Yes, when a musician does not have inspiration
again is when he becomes a wicked person, a
sinner. So you have to be holy. And that means
you don’t have enemies. When I was younger I
did not have enemies.
In 2009 I met you in a restaurant in Queens, New
York. You sought assistance and I wanted to
reach out but the guys around me said no, that
you were going to buy drugs with it but now I
am hearing a different narrative…
They were just blackmailing me because ‘I am the
one.’ I am saying it before the media. I am the
one that has the last message of the Christ
because he is coming back. It is in the bible.
Pentecostals don’t have it, no church has it; I
have it.
Are you telling us that you never messed with
drugs at all?
No, never. If I messed with drugs I wouldn’t be
here. I told you I smoked Igbo when I was young.
If I messed with drugs I won’t be here with you
because cocaine will make you sell your house.
Why? If you are playing rock n’ roll you will meet
these guys. Look at Whitney Houston. You cannot
go back once you are on drugs. But you can leave
Igbo but once you taste cocaine you can’t go
back. You never recover from drugs. They are
dangerous. Weed is better. We are opening our
club soon and in that club there will be no
smoking of weed.
What lessons have you learnt from the entire
The lesson I learnt is that Jesus Christ is the
way. It was Jesus Christ that saved me and
healed me; He is the one that heals. The Holy
Spirit is the one that heals. God is a spirit and
whenever you worship God you must worship him
in truth and in spirit. If you are true to God he
will help you; that was what happened to me.
People were just blackmailing me back then
because I got an American contract when I was
27 years old. Interscope had Tupac Shakur, Dr.
Dre and all the big stars. I was supposed to
release three albums with them. We were about
to record the second album when witches
attacked me. (Laughter). Americans don’t just
accept you like that. I was able to meet some
Italians who loved my music. Then I was still
young and I was lucky and truly, prayers work. It
was Christ that healed me
We have many young artistes now like Wizkid and
Davido. What do you have to tell them now so
that they won’t make your mistakes?
They should give their lives to Jesus Christ. After
my experience and after all the scandals and
blackmails which almost made me enemy of the
press which is almost impossible because I won’t
go anywhere without the press, I will advise them
to embrace Jesus. My mother tried to force me to
go to the university but I said no and ran to
Lagos to stay with my aunty. Then she was
married to an army officer. She was the one that
helped me and trained me. I ran away because
the music was really into me. I couldn’t hear
anything else. My aunty told my mum, leave this
man alone, let him play music and my mother
understood because she is also a singer. She
bought me my first guitar when I was about 10
years old. I started playing music from age 10.
Tell us about your new album?
This album we are doing right now is a
revolution. There is what we call commercial
music. My sound is evergreen. Send Down The
Rain is an evergreen song. This new album is
called Weep Not Children and it is dedicated to
children. For us to get out of the recession,
federal government must take care of the
children. Nobody knows tomorrow. The album
was inspired by God. It has 10 tracks and on one
of the tracks I am featuring Tuface Idibia. 10 per
cent of whatever we make goes to charity. It is
our way of giving back. Society has done so
much for me. When I got my contract in America,
it was Nigerians that pushed and supported me.
Send Down The Rain is still shining 30 years
after. We are also embarking on a tour tagged:
Operation Feed The Poor.
What happened between you and Timi Dakolo
regarding Send Down The Rain?
Timi Dakolo did wrong. That is why I respect
Tuface. He came and said ‘I was a kid when I
was listening to you. I want to work with you’ and
I agreed. I personally produced the song. What
Timi Dakolo did is against music law. We are not
taking it lightly. Even if he paid there should be
mutual agreement. You have never met Majek
before or spoken to him and you are saying that
you paid him. Later they said they paid the guy
managing Majek before and now Timi Dakolo is
making money on itunes. Our solicitors from the
US and UK are coming. If Timi Dakolo can prove
that he paid, he will go scot free. I can sue him
for a 100million but I don’t want to destroy his
career. He is a young boy. Our lawyers are on
top of it.
Did you give authority?
No. he did it because in Nigeria anything goes.
So now that you are back no more women and
No-o, once in a while (laughter)




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