Friday, 27 January 2017

MMM begins MASSIVE matching of GH and PH

It looks like MMM participants will be
smiling to the bank soon as massive
merging of GH (get help) is going on since
the morning of Friday, January 27.
It appears the long-awaited new model
is set as people are being paired for
On the group’s Facebook page, one
Ascenta Ezeh Iheanacho, wrote:
"Dispatchers are on top of their game
this morning. I guess the new model is
set. The ball is now in our court.
Merging of GH orders are going on fast.
Check your POs and encourage your
downlines to make payments to aviod
stories that touch. Blocking means loss
of marvros now. Be wise all."
Another user, Onyenakara Tochukwu,
also had this to say:
"Please if you have checked this morning
and you were not matched, check again,
matching GH and PH on going massively.
1. Pay from your account only.
2. Do not honor anyone that says pay
into different account.
3. Confirm your phone number and email
4. Honor your GH and PH. If you are
BLOCKED no more unblocking.
We are MMM, the Key is constant PH
and GH. MMM Nigeria is here to stay.