Nigerian men only want one thing – 24-year-old lady speaks

A girl does not have a habit of rushing
things in a relationship, but the guys are
really turned off by such behaviour. She
wonders if there are any decent men
among Nigerians.
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I'm a 24-year-old girl raised in a
conservative family. I don't have a habit
of dressing like a girl of easy virtue, still
a virgin because I don't want to hook up
with someone just for the sake of sex.
And I'm having a tough time, because, as
far as I can see, Nigerian guys are really
into drinking and getting laid, every
weekend with a new girl.I've only had one serious relationship,
but he moved to another country, and we
couldn't get over the distance. Since
then, whenever I start seeing a guy, in a
month or so, he suddenly decides that
we've come to the point when a couple
would usually have sex. It's not like I
don't want to, I just don't think it's
right. When I hold out, the guys lose
interest. This has happened to me with
about five guys in the past two years.
Tell me, what do I do? Should I wait for
the One, or just lose it and start hooking
up casually? Are Nigerian guys worth
the effort?
Na wa o!




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