Onochie Dismisses Alleged Sex Scandal In The Presidency

 The director of Buhari Support Group (BSO)  Dr Ibrahim BelloMembers of the Buhari Support Group(BSO) dismiss allegations of sex scandal inthe presidency – The director of BuhariSupport Group (BSO) Dr Ibrahim BelloDaudu says he was not officially aware ofany appointment offered or denied by thepresidency.Mrs Lauretta Onochie, dismissed theallegations that she was deniedappointment because she would not do thebidding of the cabal The director of BuhariSupport Group (BSO) Dr Ibrahim BelloDaudu and Lauretta Onochie, a prominentmember of the All Progressive Congress(APC), yesterday, August 4, denied reportsthat they were offered and deniedappointments by cabals within ruling party.You will recall that it was reported that asource within the All Progressives Congress(APC) alleged that a sex scandal wasrocking the presidency over the appointmentof aides. 

The source alleged that Dr Dauduwas denied his appointment because offlimsy excuses tendered against him andMrs Lauretta Onochie was also not givenany appointment because she would notflirt with the cabal.Reacting to these allegations, Dr Daudu saidhe was not officially aware of anyappointment offered or denied him addingthat appointments into different positions ofpower is solely the prerogative of thepresident.He added that the Buhari SupportOrganization is an umbrella body thatoffered voluntary services towardssupporting the aspirations of the presidentwhen he was an aspirant of the APC.“I was angry when I saw the report.Well let me make it very clear thatBuhari Support Organization is anumbrella body is set up tosupervise voluntary supportstructures for the purpose of thecampaign. And what we did is tooffer a voluntary service towardssupporting the aspiration of thenaspirant and candidate of AllProgressive Congress (APC) andnow the president of the federalrepublic of Nigeria.“It was an unconditional servicewhich we considered as a nationalservice not only to him but to theparty and to Nigeria.
It was not tiedto work and I give you appointment.It was based on what we believe in.His principles, his ideologies, hisbeliefs and his capacity to movethis country forward and we feelthat is part of our contributiontowards bringing about change. Soit is completely not aboutappointment or position. Of courseyou cannot know everybody’sintentions but as that is our positionas an organization. That is ourphilosophy and is still ourphilosophy.“Him being president now and for people tonow say I have served you and I want to becompensated for it, I think they are notbeing fair to him. He is the now thepresident of the federal republic of Nigeria.Of course people who have worked andhave served need to be recognized.

 I don’tcall it compensated but recognized byappointments here and there. But at thesame time we have to know that he has anobligation. Some people who have workedin BSO and elsewhere….there are over 500organizations under BSO with membershiprunning to millions of people.“You understand? So the point I am tryingto make specifically is that what we havedone is not about been given orcompensated with appointments. It is aselfless service which we rendered to thiscountry believing in his (Mr President’s)passion, qualities, beliefs and philosophyand we see him as a role model. Most of usthere are….there are young ones among uswho are fresh graduates, artisans,craftsmen. A lot of us are professionalsgoing about our daily works and jobs eitherindependent, in government or elsewhere.“It is not a priority but it is now within hispurview to recognize amongst us withappointments. That is not mandatorybecause the way people are putting it is asif it is mandatory that BSO members orAPC members or people who have served insupport structures must be givenappointment as a mark of recognition,” DrIbrahim Daudu of the Buhari SupportOrganization said.”In the same vein, Mrs Lauretta Onochie,dismissed the allegations that she wasdenied appointment because she would notdo the bidding of the cabal. She reiteratedthat she is happy with the presidency andalso does not need any backdoor help fromanyone to speak for her even if she wasoffended or fouled. “There is no sex scandalwith me and I wasn’t appointed specialadviser to the president. You can call othersand they would speak for themselves.These are the two that concerns me. I don’tknow how my name got mentioned in sucha thing. I am 57 year old woman and what Ido, I take seriously. I am a volunteer withthe presidency and that’s about it. Nobodyhas never said I will not be appointedunless I flirt with them. I am a marriedwoman.“I have a voice. If I have beenoffended or fouled in any way I cansay it myself and I am not afraid ofanything. I do not need anybodycoming from the backdoor to saythey are helping me. I don’t needanybody. I am very fine and happywith my life at the moment. I amvery happy with the presidency. Iam very happy with what is goingon,” she added.Cautioning Nigerians and those who mightbe displeased that their efforts have notbeen recognized by way of appointment, DrDaudu urged them to change their attitudeas God is the only one that knowseveryone’s destiny. “We’ve been doing ourbest to sensitize our people. To tell themthat when you want to bring about change,it is not only in fighting corruption but alsoin attitude, behaviour and our psychegenerally.It is just like saying I am not going to voteyou until you pay me. If you say I will notwork to bring in a credible governmentunless I am promised appointment is thesame thing as saying I will not vote for youuntil you pay me. So if you are paid and youvote then you have no right to hold thegovernment responsible for anything. Butwhen you vote according to your conscienceand the government recognizes you on thatbasis, fair. But to demand for it and tobegin to make noise about it, I don’t think itis fair to the president.“Because there was no time he (thepresident) addressed anybody tothe best of my knowledge and saywork for me, campaign for me andI will compensate you with eitherappointment or a contract or anyother thing. What he has stressedout always is that do what you feelyour conscience guide you towards.Do what you feel is right. If you feelthat putting your time and energyand resources to help this countryto move forward or bring aboutcredible government is what youbelieve in, do.“He has given everybody a choiceto do or not to do. Now you havedone that and you are coming backto say ok I have done that and Iwant to be compensated and youare making it look like it’s by force.No. Please, I am appealing toNigerian and all of us that haveworked to allow the system tofunction and support the presidentin every way we can believing thatwhoever God ordains or sanctionthat he will be given one or twoappointments you will be given.There are people in the system whodidn’t participate in anything, buttoday they are have beenappointed. That is the will of God.“Let me tell you something. Ashuman beings are we in control ofour lives? We believe that destinypredates our creation. Everythingyou are today on earth has itsdestiny pre-casted by God. Howlong as this president been fightingto become the president in thiscountry? Three consecutive times.Then he was not destined to bepresident.
Did he go out with asword and start cutting peoplehead? No. He was patient andwhen it was time for him to be thepresident he became. That is how itshould be.“He is just one year in government and weshould know that it is not everybody nomatter how hard you work that will be inappointment. What we should do is tosupport the few of us that are therewhether they are good or bad. Whether wehave a grudge against them. I have a rolewhether I am in government or not.Everybody have a role. So the change weare talking of is not only in what thepresident is saying as per corruption,security and the rest but also in attitude.We want to see changes in attitude and thisattitude is one of them. Attitude to becompensated for anything I do,” Dr Dauduadmonished.When asked if he was aware of any listdrawn by the president, Dr Dauduresponded:“Uhmmmm, not that I know of. Idon’t like basing things on rumours.I like basing things on official thingsthat I know. If I tell you I heard,then what is my proof? You go to Xand he will tell you he heard from Band you will never get the personwho will own up to it. That is theproblem. Nobody will say yes it isfrom me and it difficult to findsomeone who will say yes it is fromme. “People will tell you I was toldbut it will be difficult to findsomeone who will say this is theevidence, I was there. So officially, Iwas neither contacted by anybodyor any group on anything that hasto do with appointment nor givenany condition in the first place.




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