Outrage As FRCN Limits Tenure Of Churches General Overseers , GO In Nigeria To 20 Years & Age To 70

After the appointment of a new National Overseer
for the Redeemed Christian Church of God , in
compliance with the Financial Reporting Council
of Nigeria (FRCN) law , which specifically limited
the tenure of general overseers of churches to 20
years or 70 years of age, more pastors are kicking
against the new directive on tenure of church ’ s
Apostle Psalm Okpe, general overseer, Fresh Oil
Ministry, Lagos said:
“If it is true that there is a law restricting the tenure
of church leaders to 20 years, then, it is one of the
most childish laws I’ve ever seen since I was born.
The reason is, what if the general overseer started
ministry at 70? The call of God and the law of the
land are not the same. The call of God is a personal
experience and encounter.”
He stated that there is freedom of worship in
Nigeria and, therefore, “I believe such law should
not even be heard because that is not the problem
the country is facing at the moment. That is not the
challenge of the country. We are in a state of
emergency, as it were. We are in a state whereby
it’s as if the whole system is collapsing and
government is sleeping. I think government should
be trying to revive the country, instead of passing a
law on the church or Christianity, with regards to
tenure of leadership.”
Apostle Okpe said government should not play
God by deciding who “comes into ministry and
who goes out of ministry. It is the call of God. If
anybody in the capacity of Daddy Adeboye is
resigning, as they claimed, on the weight of his
age, I can understand that. I buy into that
because he needs this body to do God’s work. I
don’t want to agree that it’s because of the law
that he is coming up with the new development.
I said initially, the law, if it exists, is the most
childish law I have ever seen since I was born.
That is not supposed to be the problem of the
government right now. The call of God is not by
age and His operations are not tied to age or
tenure. So, the government should not assume
the position of God. I don’t think it will fly. It
won’t work, as far as I am concerned.
Also, Pastor Henry Kpalukwu, general overseer,
Glorious Fire Deliverance Ministry, Port Harcourt
slammed the tenure law.
“The law is not good at all because it’s going to
affect many people. In the days of the prophets,
Elijah was a prophet of God until the day he
departed the world. Elisha was a prophet of God
until the day he died. Moses led the children of
Israel until the day he left the world. It was the
same thing with Joshua and all prophets of old
and the apostles from Jesus Christ were in
ministry till God called them to glory.
So, why should such a law be made? As far as
the work of God is concerned, it is not by human
The call of God is by divine election. For Pastor
Adeboye to hand over, for example, it must be a
decision from God. God must decide who takes
over from him, not the government of Nigeria.
God decides when He wants changes to be made, if
necessary. It doesn’t matter how many years a
general overseer has been involved in ministry work.
It is his business with God. Church leaders have
business with God, not with man. So, whoever is
coming out with that kind of idea is trying to incur
the wrath of God.”




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