Popular Southside Governor Loses $10M Workers Salary To His American Actress Mistress

A governor is under probe after the sum of $10
million he diverted from the bailout funds
allocated to his state was hijacked by his
The governor was said to have commissioned his
mistress to help him launder the said sum only
for the latter to refuse to remit it in the slush
accounts the governor provided.
Already, the money in question has been traced to
a bank in the United States.
The Nation investigation revealed that the
governor resorted to using his US-based mistress
to stash the funds abroad in order to avoid
monitoring by security agencies.
The cash was allegedly either wired or hauled in
tranches in order to beat the nation’s Financial
Intelligence Unit (FIU).
In spite of the governor’s tricks, however, security
agencies were able to intercept the deal between
him and his mistress.
It was gathered that the diversion of the looted
$10 million by the mistress created an uproar
that triggered the ongoing investigation of the
deal between the love birds.
One of the sources involved in the probe said: “A
governor from an oil-producing state is in soup
and under probe by some security agencies.
“The governor seems to have been duped by his
mistress who stays in Texas in the United States.
“The governor is worried after discovering that his
girlfriend has defrauded him of $10 million.
“What started as a love affair and promises of
good faith has turned sour.
“Yet the governor would not want his wife or the
people of the state, who will be disappointed, to
know about this ugly transaction.”
The security chief added: “Investigation so far
indicated that the governor allegedly diverted part
of the bailout funds meant for his state to the
“All relevant security agencies are already tracking
how the cash was wired to the mistress as well
as the whereabouts of the funds.
“Very soon, the details of the transaction will be
revealed to Nigerians.
“This is why the government has decided to
monitor how bailout funds and London-Paris loan
refunds were spent.”
The Presidency in 2016 released the sum of N1.
266.44 trillion to 36 states within nine months.
The breakdown includes N713.70 billion special
intervention funds to states and London Paris
Club loan refunds of N522.74 billion.
The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other
Related Offences Commission (ICPC) had said 16
states were yet to disburse about N57, 663, 185,
735 of the bailout funds approved for them by
President Muhammadu Buhari.
The agency also indicted some of the states for
diverting the bailout funds which were meant for
workers’ salaries.




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