Tonto Dikeh’s troubled marriage: Ex boyfriend in mocking jibes

Simmered controversial A-list actress, Tonto
Dikeh has returned to hugging headlines. Since
last Friday morning her name has been raging
like wildfire in every media platform.
First, she won the hearts of everyone by
sending a stirring ‘forgive me’ message to
fellow actress, Mercy Johnson, to apologise for
a four-year-old. Second, without any ceremony
she removed her marital name and the tag
‘wife’ from her social profiles, blatantly,
suggesting there may be a problem in her
homeSince that Friday morning, the sumptuous
mother of one has sent the whole media into
pandemonium, with various media throwing up
all sorts of speculations on what might have
gone wrong. One blogger reported that the
problem is infidelity on the part of the husband,
Oladunni Churchill, claiming the widely known
beSotted husband and father is seeing another
woman, named Rosaline Meurer. Another report
claims Tonto’s better-half is fooling around
with his PA and several others.
However far-fetched these claims may seem,
knowing Tonto’s hubby has been openly caring,
there is definitely something amiss in the
marriage for the actress to have acted in such
manner and maintaining same stance till press
Given Tonto’s olive branch to Mercy Johnson
on Friday, many sympathisers have rushed to
her side, to weather the storm of her marriage
with her but one old friend of hers, rapper,
Shakar El is not joining the bandwagon but
instead has elected to troll the actress over her
marriage troubles.
In his latest post on Instagram, the rapper,
insinuated it is Karma at work and asked the
actress to bear the consequence.
“Karma is a bitch that bitches out there should
respect because it will always come and show
you pepper. My advice to young girls out there,
if you are sleeping with other people’s
husband’s and breaking homes, when you get
married don’t get angry if Karma comes
knocking at your door,” part of the post reads
Continuing: “ Turn a blind eye and enjoy your
husband’s money and that is, if you are lucky
enough to marry a rich one. Don’t fight or
break things in the house because that is
domestic violence. Always put yourself in the
position of your victim and their children while
you act”
The rapper didn’t mention Tonto in the post but
their being old friends and the post coming at
the time of Tonto’s marital troubles is too
good to be a coincidence..




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