True love of Yoruba couple Damilola and Abayomi

Beautiful Damilola and her man got
married few weeks ago and the elated
bride has narrated their true love story to
Narrating how they met, Damilola the
beautiful bride said to
I met my husband at Owerri airport,
when I went for my certificate at
Madonna university in the year 2015
It happened that I missed my flight
back to Lagos from Owerri airport. I
was stranded, I couldn't lodge in a
hotel I had no money because the
ATM disappointed me.
In the process I met a man Mr
Adeniyi who happened to be the
assistant chief security officer of
Owerri airport who paid my hotel
bill, it was through Mr adeniyi I met
Abayomi (My husband) on 13th
February 2015.
I remember that faithful day; he was
introduced to me at the boarding
I was told he was from the same
state with me, was about boarding
when he asked for my contact, felt
reluctant giving him my number.
From there we got talking, we
became friends, starting Jul 2015.Abayomi proposed to me at the Ikeja
mall precisely the cinema.
I can remember we were watching a
movie, when I realised he wasn't
concentrating, in fact I had to tap
him to concentrate. Before I knew it,
he slipped a ring in my finger n
whisper to my ears " Please Marry
me " I was dazed, didn't know What
to do at that point, and he whispered
again, " will you marry me " and I
said YES !!!!!!





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