Tupac Shakur’s Love Letter Auctioned For $25,000

A hand-written love letter by
late African-American rapper
and actor, Tupac Shakur has
been offered for sale at
25,000 Dollars, 20 years after
his death.
According to Goldin Auctions,
who displayed the legendary
love letter on hits auction
block, the romance poetic
prose was written by Tupac
during his 1995 prison stint.

“Tupac wrote this
letter to his
paramour in black
pen. The letter is
incredibly explicit,
and is a reply to a
‘passionate letter’
received by Pac.”
The letter is said to describe
the ‘sexual gymnastics’ that
Tupac wishes to perform with
his partner, in extremely vivid
It includes an eye that Tupac
drew and he mentioned
blindfolds, bubble baths, oily
massages and “12 positions of
Tupac was a vocal participant
during the East Coast–West
Coast hip hop rivalry,
becoming involved in conflicts
with other rappers, producers,
and record-label staff
members.On September 7, 1996, he was
fatally shot in a drive-by
shooting and was taken to the
hospital where he died six
days later at age 25.
Tupac was one of the most
popular rap artists in the
world during his short time in
the spotlight. He released
songs such as “All Eyez on
Me,”, “Brenda’s Got A Baby,”
“Changes,” “Ambitions Az A
Ridah,” “Hit Em Up,” and more.
Mother of the hip hop legend,
Afeni Shakur Davis died in
May 2016. She was the
subject of the cult classic and
hip-hop Mothering Sunday
anthem, ‘Dear Mama’ by her
son Tupac Shakur.
In 2014, Afeni Shakur co-
produced “Holler If Ya Hear
Me,” a Broadway jukebox
musical featuring her son’s
works. She also served as an
executive producer for the
The hip-hop legend has been
ranked by Rolling Stone as
86th on its list of the 100
Artists of All Time.




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