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This blog is a knowledge based blog, it is designed with the core mandate to inform, entertain, educate as well as promote core values among our valued readers, we are passionate about the entertainment industry and we poised to identify and groom talents, we identify with transparent, godly and progressive driven minded and support a people oriented initiative which can alleviate the sufferings as well as create the enabling environment for unfettered growth among creative minds. we gladly welcome posts, comments as well as ideas that are sane and that can positively affect users, admin and readers of the blog.

We serve as a platform for upcoming artist, instrumentalist, comedians, and entertainers in general, to showcase promote and announce their talents to the world, we abhor provocative gestures or any act capable of adding to moral decadence and acts capable of making any human feel lesser than the other.

we yearn to become a lead name in entertaiment, undiluted but confirmable and accurate news reports, gists, and promote religious harmony among our readers, most importantly is to empower readers of our blog with useful information which will justify the saying that information is power and when you are not well informed you are deformed.




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